Episode 13: Enter Into Neon Genesis Evangelion

Is everyone ready to unleash their inner weeb with an in-depth anime discussion for Episode 13? As is required for any serious anime talk, we needed some alcohol; this time it was Good Times Ginger Lime Shandy from Falls City. In this special two-part episode, we have some general anime discussion before talking about how Neon Genesis Evangelion is finally available to stream on Netflix after a decade of only being available through either piracy or buying overpriced DVDs that aren’t being produced any longer. Brandi had never seen it before while John watched the series on DVD a few times in the early 2000’s. Then we break and pick the episode back up a few weeks later after we’ve both watched the series. Suffice to say, Brandi had some pretty interesting reactions when watching it for the first time; Evangelion isn’t exactly a straightforward series.

Since Brandi purposely didn’t look up anything about the series, John spends the rest of the episode breaking it all down and explaining what everything means. If you watched the series and were super confused hopefully we can clear it all up! It may also be helpful to watch the episode with the character list open if you’re not particularly familiar with all of the character names.

Did you finish the series and End of Evangelion, but you still want more? Check out the Rebuild of Evangelion 4-part movie series!


The first three films are currently available, and the final film will be released at some point in 2020. The first 10 minutes of it were aired during an anime convention in Paris, and some teaser trailers have also been released.

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