Episode 12: Crazy About Keyboards

Time to check out the second version of Episode 12! We sort of forgot to save the first iteration of the episode, and we lost the recording. This one is way better, though, trust us! We were just drinking an Old Fashioned this time, but in the first take we were enjoying the Can-O-Bliss Tropical IPA from Oskar Blues. As is so often the case, it was given to us by Craft Brew Geek!

Juice Willis can trop it like it’s hot!

Juice Willis can trop it like it’s hot!

This episode is all about mechanical keyboards. Do you wish you had a super old-school IBM Model M? If you can’t find one, you can get a brand new variant from Unicomp, which is right here in Lexington, Kentucky! Get in on that sweet buckling spring action.


That GIF comes courtesy of one of the best sources for mechanical keyboard information: /r/mechanicalkeyboards.

There are TONS of different mechanical keyboard switches to choose from. Many consider Topre to be the holy grail of switches designed for typing (as opposed to gaming.) While Topre switches are super expensive, John has been fairly happy with the knock-off Topre switches in his Plum Nano. It’s too bad Brandi got screwed out of getting one herself. You can still see the salt she threw into the Drop comments.

John’s favorite switches are Razer Purple opto-mechanical switches, though. Brandi’s go-to switches are Cherry Clears. Both switches are featured on Brandi’s desk right now with Razer Purples in the Razer Huntsman Quartz and Cherry Clears in her Pok3r. You aren’t die-hard about mechanical keyboards until having a single keyboard on your desk just isn’t enough.


Here are Brandi’s other keyboards, including the IBM Model M John rescued from their old office. Check out the tag on it, which shows that it most definitely doesn’t share a birthday with either of them.

Brandi would not recommend the Code keyboard she’s currently using at work… unless you really like creaky, plastic boards. She also wouldn’t recommend the key caps she ended up putting on it which quickly developed cracks in the coating that the backlight bleeds through.

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