Episode 14: Trackballs and Tangents

Are y’all ready for Episode 14? As a companion to Episode 12’s discussion on keyboards, we focused on the other side of computer input and talked about our love of trackballs! Before we get to the trackball goodness, though, this episode’s beer was Hazy Little Thing from Sierra Nevada in Chico, California. While we’re on the beer hype-train, we’ve been a big fan of Sig Luscher in Frankfort, KY. We even got our sticker up next to the bar!

Sig is one of our favorite places, so check out their website, Twitter, and Instagram! We started on Sig Luscher fandom at the recommendation of our good friend Craft Brew Geek. The same night we went to Sig, we also got Honduran cocktails, Kentucky cocktails, beer from Goodwood, and Brandi played with our coworker’s adorable puppy.

Brandi has now been obsessed with her own puppy, Finn. If you want to see more of Finn, be sure to follow his Instagram!


This episode we talk about trackballs, AKA the mouse replacement for the more enlightened of us. Brandi and John don’t use trackballs for games, but use them for any and all other computing. Check out some of John’s collection!

This is just a sampling of our Unusually Pink trackball collection; if you want to know more about any of our devices or see additional pictures just give us a shout! The trackball sub-Reddit is also an awesome source of information if you’re looking to start your own journey as a baller. Once you go track, you never go back!

Just a reminder, our second Unusually Pink Video is out! Check out Brandi and John being super awkward at the Country Boy brewery!

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Stay pink!