Video: Unusually Hazy IPAs

Remember how awkward John and Brandi were in their first video? We decided to take things up a notch by being awkward on video… in public. We went to Country Boy Brewing in Gerogetown, Kentucky to have Brandi do a blind taste-test of two of their hazy IPAs: Fire & Brimstone and Witness The Citrus.

Brandi only likes hazy IPAs (we’re still not sure how that works since she “doesn’t really like beer”), so we put her palate to the test to see which of these two new offerings from Country Boy she prefers. She didn’t know which beer was which at the time, just that she was trying Fire & Brimstone:


And Witness The Citrus:


If you’re ever in the central Kentucky area, definitely take the opportunity to swing by Country Boy Brewing for some great beer. Give them a follow on Twitter for both the Lexington and Georgetown locations to see what new beers they have on tap each week!