Episode 6: Huzzah, Hobbies!

Time to get your unusually pink fix with Episode 6, now with even more rhyming! We won’t disappoint you, unlike the ending to Game of Thrones. The other thing that won’t disappoint is Old Ezra bourbon from the Lux Row Distillery. I’d highly recommend snagging a bottle if you can find any and appreciate good bourbon. Speaking of good beverages, check out Celery City if you ever happen to find yourself in Sanford, Florida.

You might think we’re insane raving over the new Windows Terminal if you aren’t a computer geek, but just look at this thing!

We can’t wait for the beta release, slated for sometime later this summer. In the meantime, you can nerd out like us and keep an eye on their GitHub repository. It’ll make an awesome pairing with the new Windows Subsystem for Linux updates that were also announced at Build! If you’ve got no idea what John meant by tmux, be sure to scope out our blog post on fun open source projects. If you’d like to nerd at the next level like Brandi and John, you should also check out the Fira Code font so you can use ligatures. Just in case you missed it from the video, this is a ligature replacing how the normal less than or equal to operator looks:

if (argc <= 2)
Screenshot 2019-05-21 at 6.04.56 PM.png

We know which one we’d rather look at!

If you’re interested in doing any code, you can join John in failing to learn Go. The book he’s been using is Get Programming With Go. Is your desktop operating system holding you back? You may want to check out Pop!_OS by System76, then. It’s easy enough to make a bootable flash drive for it with Rufus!

If you enjoyed the episode, make sure you’re caught up on all of them either at Podbean or any other platform you like. Stay pink!