Episode 15: Personal Privacy, People!

Welcome to Episode 15 where we discuss personal privacy, especially digital privacy, with the conversation stemming from a very special book. Our beverage for this episode was another gift from Craft Brew Geek. We got to enjoy the Blackberry Pie Berliner Weisse from the Braxton Labs. It’s insanely good. In fact, it was so good that John shouldn’t have shared it with Brandi considering the fact that she doesn’t like beer.


John recently got to experience the Braxton brewery for the first time, though both he and Brandi are excited to head back and check out the recently-opened Braxton Rooftop! While on location, John highly enjoyed their Oktober Fuel.


If you happen to visit and need some food while you’re in the area, John highly recommends the Cock & Bull Public House, which has a few locations in the Cincinnati area. For beer a little closer to home, John and Brandi were surprised by how much they liked the recent re-release of Fancy at Country Boy. it’s best served right when a new keg is tapped and you get the sediment for something akin to a beer smoothy. You can even see it on the sides of the glass in this photo if you aren’t too busy being distracted by how cute Finn is. You can clearly see here that the beer is so good even Finn is wanting some!


As we dig into discussing books, both Brandi and John will be watching the Netflix series for The Witcher… even though both of them don’t particularly care for the video game series. If a recent leak is to be believed, it could be releasing on Tuesday, December 27th. John is a fan of the novels, though. Speaking of John and reading, he may be old, but the Book It program is still a thing!

The novel we’re discussing in this episode, though, is Little Brother by Cory Doctorow. You can snag a copy from Cory’s website!


The novel focuses heavily on the idea of digital privacy, the fallout of having that privacy invaded, and what sort of trade-offs exist in society between safety (or the illusion of safety) and privacy. How invasive is too invasive? Are there actually benefits? What risks exist from using automated data collection to predict and stop crimes? We dig into all of this and much more! If you haven’t read Little Brother yourself, we’d highly recommend it! If you’ve read it and want more, John has started reading the sequel, Homeland.

We’ve touched on some topics related to digital privacy in a few other episodes, so make sure you’re all caught up by checking out all of our episodes on Podbean or most other podcast services. Stay pink!