Episode 11: Attach All the Storage

Episode 11 has been posted… a week ago! The guy writing these posts needs to be fired… Since the episode was recorded at the very end of June we celebrated Pride with Rainbow Seeker from Blake’s Hard Cider!


Brandi first had it during Pride last year at a local restaurant… which now has an Unusually Pink Podcast sticker up! Can you spot it?


While we’re on the topic of Pride and tasty alcoholic beverages, check out the sweet Pride shirts released by Wise Bird Cider, a new cidery in Lexington, Kentucky. Also scope out this delicious treat we recently shared there with CraftBrewGeek. Be sure to give his Instagram a follow for all kinds of craft beer and street art.


We don’t know what was better; drinking it or eating the fruit. For other new places in our area serving delicious alcohol, we spent Brandi’s birthday at the recently-opened Sig Luscher brewery in Frankfort, Kentucky! It’s a great place with super chill people. It gets bonus points for being doggo friendly!


Phones and alcohol, the epitome of a millennial night out. If you’d rather stay home and play video games with a classic Russian Gold Farmer cocktail, don’t forget the most important ingredient: Ginger Bawls. Remember not to gargle!

Do you need to remember when Brandi’s birthday is so you can shower her with praise on social media next year? It’s simple, just Google the date of the infamous O. J. Simpson low-speed Bronco chase. It’s way more exciting than when he won the Heisman…


Running into trouble with your local storage or a lack thereof? You may want to take the same road as Brandi and invest in a Qnap NAS (Network Attached Storage.) Just be sure to do your homework like Brandi and know the reason you’re buying a NAS; you may be better served by an offering from Synology! Do you have the NAS worked out but you need the drives? Be sure to get the right ones. Once you’ve got it set up, you can “scan” all of your important documents with the Dropbox app. Once we’re done with this maybe we’ll have recommendations on the best paper shredder to buy. We’re kidding, of course… everyone knows we’re gonna use the one at work.

Are you looking to stand up a VPS (Virtual Private Server) for hosting and/or development? Check out some of the extremely affordable offerings from Vultr! Using John’s affiliate link helps keep mission-critical websites like laifu.moe online. If you don’t like Vultr, DigitalOcean is another solid choice. Regardless of which host you choose, though, John recommends Nginx for your web server. If you’ve got no idea how to get started with Nginx, Digital Ocean has an amazing guide for configuring it on Ubuntu Linux.

Regardless of whether you’re setting up a NAS or a VPS, don’t be a chump; secure your shit! You can do that with a free certificate from Let’s Encrypt. If you’re configuring it on a VPS, the Certbot utility makes it easy to get certificates, renew them, and configure your web server appropriately. It’s a win-win-win!

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