Episode 14: Trackballs and Tangents

Are y’all ready for Episode 14? As a companion to Episode 12’s discussion on keyboards, we focused on the other side of computer input and talked about our love of trackballs! Before we get to the trackball goodness, though, this episode’s beer was Hazy Little Thing from Sierra Nevada in Chico, California. While we’re on the beer hype-train, we’ve been a big fan of Sig Luscher in Frankfort, KY. We even got our sticker up next to the bar!

Sig is one of our favorite places, so check out their website, Twitter, and Instagram! We started on Sig Luscher fandom at the recommendation of our good friend Craft Brew Geek. The same night we went to Sig, we also got Honduran cocktails, Kentucky cocktails, beer from Goodwood, and Brandi played with our coworker’s adorable puppy.

Brandi has now been obsessed with her own puppy, Finn. If you want to see more of Finn, be sure to follow his Instagram!


This episode we talk about trackballs, AKA the mouse replacement for the more enlightened of us. Brandi and John don’t use trackballs for games, but use them for any and all other computing. Check out some of John’s collection!

This is just a sampling of our Unusually Pink trackball collection; if you want to know more about any of our devices or see additional pictures just give us a shout! The trackball sub-Reddit is also an awesome source of information if you’re looking to start your own journey as a baller. Once you go track, you never go back!

Just a reminder, our second Unusually Pink Video is out! Check out Brandi and John being super awkward at the Country Boy brewery!

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Stay pink!

Episode 13: Enter Into Neon Genesis Evangelion

Is everyone ready to unleash their inner weeb with an in-depth anime discussion for Episode 13? As is required for any serious anime talk, we needed some alcohol; this time it was Good Times Ginger Lime Shandy from Falls City. In this special two-part episode, we have some general anime discussion before talking about how Neon Genesis Evangelion is finally available to stream on Netflix after a decade of only being available through either piracy or buying overpriced DVDs that aren’t being produced any longer. Brandi had never seen it before while John watched the series on DVD a few times in the early 2000’s. Then we break and pick the episode back up a few weeks later after we’ve both watched the series. Suffice to say, Brandi had some pretty interesting reactions when watching it for the first time; Evangelion isn’t exactly a straightforward series.

Since Brandi purposely didn’t look up anything about the series, John spends the rest of the episode breaking it all down and explaining what everything means. If you watched the series and were super confused hopefully we can clear it all up! It may also be helpful to watch the episode with the character list open if you’re not particularly familiar with all of the character names.

Did you finish the series and End of Evangelion, but you still want more? Check out the Rebuild of Evangelion 4-part movie series!


The first three films are currently available, and the final film will be released at some point in 2020. The first 10 minutes of it were aired during an anime convention in Paris, and some teaser trailers have also been released.

Want to weeb out even more? Check out John’s stupid joke website. Have some anime recommendations for us? Drop us a line on social media, all of which are linked at the bottom of this post!

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Video: Unusually Hazy IPAs

Remember how awkward John and Brandi were in their first video? We decided to take things up a notch by being awkward on video… in public. We went to Country Boy Brewing in Gerogetown, Kentucky to have Brandi do a blind taste-test of two of their hazy IPAs: Fire & Brimstone and Witness The Citrus.

Brandi only likes hazy IPAs (we’re still not sure how that works since she “doesn’t really like beer”), so we put her palate to the test to see which of these two new offerings from Country Boy she prefers. She didn’t know which beer was which at the time, just that she was trying Fire & Brimstone:


And Witness The Citrus:


If you’re ever in the central Kentucky area, definitely take the opportunity to swing by Country Boy Brewing for some great beer. Give them a follow on Twitter for both the Lexington and Georgetown locations to see what new beers they have on tap each week!

Episode 12: Crazy About Keyboards

Time to check out the second version of Episode 12! We sort of forgot to save the first iteration of the episode, and we lost the recording. This one is way better, though, trust us! We were just drinking an Old Fashioned this time, but in the first take we were enjoying the Can-O-Bliss Tropical IPA from Oskar Blues. As is so often the case, it was given to us by Craft Brew Geek!

Juice Willis can trop it like it’s hot!

Juice Willis can trop it like it’s hot!

This episode is all about mechanical keyboards. Do you wish you had a super old-school IBM Model M? If you can’t find one, you can get a brand new variant from Unicomp, which is right here in Lexington, Kentucky! Get in on that sweet buckling spring action.


That GIF comes courtesy of one of the best sources for mechanical keyboard information: /r/mechanicalkeyboards.

There are TONS of different mechanical keyboard switches to choose from. Many consider Topre to be the holy grail of switches designed for typing (as opposed to gaming.) While Topre switches are super expensive, John has been fairly happy with the knock-off Topre switches in his Plum Nano. It’s too bad Brandi got screwed out of getting one herself. You can still see the salt she threw into the Drop comments.

John’s favorite switches are Razer Purple opto-mechanical switches, though. Brandi’s go-to switches are Cherry Clears. Both switches are featured on Brandi’s desk right now with Razer Purples in the Razer Huntsman Quartz and Cherry Clears in her Pok3r. You aren’t die-hard about mechanical keyboards until having a single keyboard on your desk just isn’t enough.


Here are Brandi’s other keyboards, including the IBM Model M John rescued from their old office. Check out the tag on it, which shows that it most definitely doesn’t share a birthday with either of them.

Brandi would not recommend the Code keyboard she’s currently using at work… unless you really like creaky, plastic boards. She also wouldn’t recommend the key caps she ended up putting on it which quickly developed cracks in the coating that the backlight bleeds through.

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Episode 11: Attach All the Storage

Episode 11 has been posted… a week ago! The guy writing these posts needs to be fired… Since the episode was recorded at the very end of June we celebrated Pride with Rainbow Seeker from Blake’s Hard Cider!


Brandi first had it during Pride last year at a local restaurant… which now has an Unusually Pink Podcast sticker up! Can you spot it?


While we’re on the topic of Pride and tasty alcoholic beverages, check out the sweet Pride shirts released by Wise Bird Cider, a new cidery in Lexington, Kentucky. Also scope out this delicious treat we recently shared there with CraftBrewGeek. Be sure to give his Instagram a follow for all kinds of craft beer and street art.


We don’t know what was better; drinking it or eating the fruit. For other new places in our area serving delicious alcohol, we spent Brandi’s birthday at the recently-opened Sig Luscher brewery in Frankfort, Kentucky! It’s a great place with super chill people. It gets bonus points for being doggo friendly!


Phones and alcohol, the epitome of a millennial night out. If you’d rather stay home and play video games with a classic Russian Gold Farmer cocktail, don’t forget the most important ingredient: Ginger Bawls. Remember not to gargle!

Do you need to remember when Brandi’s birthday is so you can shower her with praise on social media next year? It’s simple, just Google the date of the infamous O. J. Simpson low-speed Bronco chase. It’s way more exciting than when he won the Heisman…


Running into trouble with your local storage or a lack thereof? You may want to take the same road as Brandi and invest in a Qnap NAS (Network Attached Storage.) Just be sure to do your homework like Brandi and know the reason you’re buying a NAS; you may be better served by an offering from Synology! Do you have the NAS worked out but you need the drives? Be sure to get the right ones. Once you’ve got it set up, you can “scan” all of your important documents with the Dropbox app. Once we’re done with this maybe we’ll have recommendations on the best paper shredder to buy. We’re kidding, of course… everyone knows we’re gonna use the one at work.

Are you looking to stand up a VPS (Virtual Private Server) for hosting and/or development? Check out some of the extremely affordable offerings from Vultr! Using John’s affiliate link helps keep mission-critical websites like laifu.moe online. If you don’t like Vultr, DigitalOcean is another solid choice. Regardless of which host you choose, though, John recommends Nginx for your web server. If you’ve got no idea how to get started with Nginx, Digital Ocean has an amazing guide for configuring it on Ubuntu Linux.

Regardless of whether you’re setting up a NAS or a VPS, don’t be a chump; secure your shit! You can do that with a free certificate from Let’s Encrypt. If you’re configuring it on a VPS, the Certbot utility makes it easy to get certificates, renew them, and configure your web server appropriately. It’s a win-win-win!

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