It’s…Unusually Pink.

We’re two millenials doing an unusual podcast. We chat about bourbon, coffee, technology, video games, finding new hobbies, and anything else we happen to feel like talking about. We celebrate the worlds of craft beer and bourbon at the start of every episode, followed by a deeper dive into our main topic(s). We’re friends and sysadmins, though the topics rarely relate directly to our work. While we skew toward technology, almost anything is up for discussion. Since we cover a wide variety of material, check out the write-up we do for every episode (including supplementary goodies!) to see if you’d be interested.


Podcast host extraordinaire, editor-in-chief, and all-around podcast HMFIC, Brandi is responsible for the idea to create the Unusually Pink Podcast. Mixing cocktails? Playing the ukulele? Possessing an encyclopedic knowledge of Adventure Time? Brandi has you covered.


Domain-squatter and author of (most of) the content on the website, John specializes in witty banter and a… “broad” bourbon palette. John’s your guy if you need someone to type very quickly or create a bad IRC bot. Be sure to invite him to movie trivia night. He also has impeccable taste in music.